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Mediums Done Well with Ormus

For those of you who don’t know one of my long time partners in crime is the well-known and exceptionally talented Houston area psychic medium Lori from LoneStarMedium.com . She’s our lead medium for Houston Ghost Research (HGR) so I’ve seen her abilities at work time and time again and am constantly floored by what she can do. I’m also privileged enough to be able to give input on her latest book that should be on the market soon (check out her website for details.)
When our little circle of friends first started discovering ormus and I realized that much of what folks were describing in Joe De Kadt’s documentary All the Gold You Can Eat it was apparent (to me) that a lot of the psychological and spiritual aspects folks described in the documentary were part of the spiritual awakening process muggles to through when their awareness shifts into a higher level.
After sharing my little theory about how this newly discovered (to us) Ormus stuff worked the next logical step for me was to wonder “if it helps muggles to wake up what the hell does it do to a psychic?” That was a question we simply HAD to have answered.
I’d also like to take a moment to salute both Lori and Tony (another medium in our group) for their bravery. Without batting an eye they both volunteered to scope out the effects of Ormus on the already amped up senses of a well-trained medium. We were not disappointed with the results I can tell you that.
Several team members from HGR including Lori and Tony share their accounts of the effects in one of our Higher Consciousness Radio podcasts titled Ormus Journey. Our findings were pretty amazingly consistent. Across the board with the 5-6 individuals involved in the first round of testing, all of whom are self-reported sensitives, each and every one of them reported a fairly profound increase in sensitive, the ability to tap into their abilities / ease of use and the clarity and accuracy of readings. Indeed, it could easily have been described as a sort of “psychic” adrenaline. There were also the typical physical improvements that are so commonly associated with ormus such as better sleep, vivid dreams, improved mood and energy level, etc. but the “spiritual” effects really got me to thinking.
Slowly, with careful observation of team members and their experiments with ormus and doing some research on my own I started to put together a theory that the primary action of the so-called monoatomic gold or the infamous “white powdered gold.” I believe that the primary action is on the pineal gland which has long been believed to be the seat of extra-sensory perception / psychic abilities. I recently detailed this theory with my supporting observations on my Blue Rose Alchemy blog with an entry titled Ormus and the Pineal Gland.
Research is still ongoing and very promising. Ormus is having a profound impact on the health and wellness of many folks in our circle of friends. I’m very proud to be associated with this tool and certainly proud to be teaching folks how to make it through the BRA youtube channel and my detailed instructions on BRA. Updated information and tutorials will certainly be made available here in this blog, on the BRA site blog, in our Modern Alchemy blog and absolutely on youtube.
Lastly, a special thanks again to Lori. If you’re interested in a private reading you can schedule one through her site at LoneStarMedium.com.

Ormus and the Pineal Gland

In mystical and new age circles there is much adieu about the pineal gland. Within these groups it’s said that this pine cone shaped gland deep within the brain is the physical counterpart to the mystical third eye, reputed to be the seat of psychic powers and abilities.
Indeed. there’s some truth to this. The pineal gland in the reptilian brain is actually much closer to an eye organ used to sense light. Even in the human counterpart there are rods and cones within retinal tissue present within this gland. It’s also wired directly to the visual cortex. This is a strong argument that internal “vision” can be closely linked with such an organ.
This organ also produces a critically important chemical known as DMT. This is a potent hallucinogen that must be present in order for us to Dream. There is also compelling evidence that this substance is closely related to visions, mystical experiences and I personally believe it’s a catalyst for psychic abilities centered around the visual and auditory sense.
The pineal gland is also responsible for regulating critical hormones such as melatonin which are responsible for circadian rhythms (the body’s natural clock) and plays a critical role in sleep. Melatonin is also closely linked with mood, anxiety and emotional stability.
One of the well-known disorders associated with the pineal gland is the calcification of tissue. There’s much speculation about what causes this, primarily centered around fluoride and other “toxins” often added to municipal water supplies in the US. I personally believe the jury is still out on the cause of this condition, but it seems apparent that something causes it and it’s obvious that this is a less than optimal condition for such a critical component in the endocrine system.
Now lets discuss some of the most commonly reported effects of taking ormus at least in my experience and what’s reported by those I work with. These include:
  • Dramatic increase in quality of sleep.
  • Noticeable increase in overall energy level and lack of fatigue (possibly due to better sleep)
  • Vivid dreams
  • Increase in mental focus and acuity (mental fog lifting)
  • Increase in the ability to internally visualize (crisp, clear internal vision)
  • Dramatic decrease in anxiety level and overall stress
  • Increase in mental motivation and desire to be active.
  • Dramatic increase in the clarity and ease of bringing on psychic visualizations such as remote viewing.
  • Dramatic decrease in tissue inflammation related to chronic conditions such as arthritis.
  • Dramatic healing of various physical issues.
With the exception of the decrease in tissue inflammation and perhaps some of the dramatic healing I’ve seen, each of these most commonly reported benefits are very closely tied with the functions controlled by the pineal gland.
I believe it’s therefore reasonable to consider the possibility that there may be a potent positive action from ormus on the functionality and effectiveness of the pineal gland. I believe this warrants serious scientific research and study.

Aliens And Gold And Ormus, Oh My….

Ok,…. I just had a giant mug of coffee and a shot of ormus so i’m gonna be all over the place for a few minutes, but this is something i’ve been pondering for a long time…. I’m going to try and put it into a cohesive form here for the first time. There is a LOT i’m leaving out here… a LOT, just hitting the highlights to communicate the gist of the theory i’m pondering.
They really ARE after me lucky charms?!!
The Anunnaki:
I have been very interested in the work of Zecharia Sitchen for years. For those of you who don’t know he was an archaeologist who focused primarily on the Sumerian culture. The primary thrust of his work proposed an ancient astronaut theory based on an ancient alien culture called the Anunnaki who he believed was a war-like highly advanced alien race who lived on a planet named Nibiru. The planet is supposedly on an extreme elliptical orbit that takes it way out of our normal range and then brings it back every 3000 years or so. This is all extrapolated from studying Sumerian artifacts, culture and myth. What the Sumerians called “gods” were supposedly these aliens. There’s lots of other fun stuff here like Nephilim being the offspring of these aliens and human women. Apparently they liked getting their freak on with human females.
It should also be noted that I believe that these are likely the same entities that are documented in the movie The 4th Kind. The entity speaking at the end of the movie is even speaking in Sumerian and refers to himself as “our gods.”
The Gold:
So, according to Sitchen, these Anunnaki were raiding other planets for resources, especially earth. Their technology required gold and apparently a lot of it. Sitchen theorized that it was to pulverize the gold and put it into their atmosphere to help them with with the long elliptical orbits in space, I have another theory but we’ll get into that momentarily.
So they needed the gold, but these lazy bitches didn’t want to do the manual work to mine it… SO, they used their advanced technology to cross native earth species with their own and essentially created Man as a slave labor force for mining. There’s a LOT of other stuff Sitchen says (and backs up with evidence) about the Anunnaki, but it’s not relevant for the moment.
Ormus is thought to be the platinum group elements in a new state of matter or at least in mono-atomic or small clusters of atoms. One of the primary elements is gold. Indeed you can take pure gold and MAKE ormus.
Ormus also has strong biblical ties and goes back at LEAST to ancient Egypt. If it goes back that for I’m going to guess it was something that likely survived from Summer as well. Sumerian culture is the oldest culture we know about. It’s literally the seat of civilization.
There’s some pretty compelling links between what’s called Manna in the bible to the powdered form of Ormus. David Hudson gets into this stuff in his research. I certainly don’t agree with everything Hudson has to say, but so long as you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water you’ll see some remarkable similarities between modern ormus and biblical manna AND what the Egyptians called the Semen of the Gods which they made into something called the Bread of Life, essentially an ormus cake.
Gold is almost useless to ancient man other than as a decoration. In modern technology it’s only useful for it’s electromagnetic properties. I suspect it’s those same electro-magnetic properties that produce the same effects once ingested. It’s fairly apparent that the Egyptians made ormus in large quantities and it was controlled by the priesthood. Large quantities have been found in temples. Sitchen assumed that we valued gold after the anunnaki left on their last rotation because it was the anunnaki valued, but what if we valued it for the same reason they did?
What if the Annunaki weren’t after the gold for the reason Sitchen thought? What if they were eating it? Given it’s benefits I wonder if that wasn’t what they were really using it for and why they needed it. Since were were heavily based on their genetic structure according to Sitchen’s work then it makes sense that the effects it has on us is likely very similar to the effects it had on them. In fact, it may have been MUCH more potent for them.
And it’s VERY potent for us. I just had a friend of mine completely cure himself of a very serious illness using ormus. If t’s that potent for us… what in the hell did it do for them?
What if they WERE after our lucky charms?