Right to Bear Arms

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I would like to share with you my views as a law abiding and voting citizen of the US on the 2nd amendment’s Right to Bear Arms. I encourage you to contact your local representatives and share these views as well if you share them. They dont’ know if you don’t tell them. You have my permission to use my words directly if needed.


I support total and uncompromised right to bear arms as guaranteed by the US Bill of Rights and the issues put forth by the NRA.

I passionately object to ANY means of regulation on how, when or where arms can be transported, carried or otherwise borne by private law-abiding citizens.

I passionately object specifically to any law that restricts citizens from carrying concealed handguns to any state or federal facility, school or hospital. Such restrictions directly impact the ability of said citizens to not only defend themselves but to assist in defending others and assist in defending law and liberty (which is the right and responsibility of every individual citizen, not just law enforcement.)

I passionately reject any measure by any government body that requires the registration or recording of law abiding citizens inventory of arms in any way form or fashion. We all know that’s the first step gun control advocates will use to confiscate guns they deem inappropriate.

Repeal or strike from law any such legal restriction on law abiding citizens immediately.Such laws are unconstitutional, and unnecessarily restrictive of law abiding citizens.

I do NOT object to concealed handgun permits so long as they are granted fairly and on a shall-issue basis. I also do not object to background checks that may or may not include mental health history clearance or legislation that banns individuals with a proven record of domestic violence from owning a firearm.

I also actively boycott any business that displays a sign disallowing handguns and make it a practice to inform the business owner of why they have now lost my business and agree to restore patronage to their business in the future should they change their policy on law abiding citizens exorcizing their 2nd amendment rights. I don’t trust any business or any govt. that doesnt trust me with a gun.

*steps on soapbox*

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
-USA Constitituation, Amendment 2

….. shall not be infringed.

in·fringe·ment Pronunciation (n-frnjmnt)n.
1. A violation, as of a law, regulation, or agreement; a breach.
2. An encroachment, as of a right or privilege.


I’m not a highly educated man, but i do have intelligence. If I adequately understand plain English that means that the govt has NO rights to legislate ANYTHING regarding the people’s rights to bear arms.

The government has no legal authority to legislate when, how or really who for that matter can bear arms. Anyone who is a citizen of the US has the guaranteed and “inalienable” right to bear arms. Any government regulations that try to stipulate how, when where or who we are allowed to invoke that right is unconstitutional.

The constitution does not say we must conceal our arms.
It does not state that we’re not allowed semi-automatic or rapid fire weapons.
It does not say “shall not be infringed unless in a government building, hospital or school”
It does not say “shall not be infringed so long as you are traveling multiple counties and the gun is unloaded and locked in the trunk.
It does not say “shall not be infringed so long as the citizen registers the gun with the government.

It says that our right to bear arms shall NOT be infringed.

Requiring citizens to conceal their weapons is unconstitutional.
Regulating ANYTHING to do with how a citizen bears arms is unconstitutional.
If I want to walk down main street with a 12 guage strapped to my back then that is my constitutional right.
Unfortunately, the people have, little by little, rolled over and allowed laws to be passed that infringe up on our rights to bear arms. Why is this true? Because it’s written in our most sacred of political documents in this country.

To accept anything less than “shall not be infringed” as it as stated is to sadly whittle away our freedoms but also tragically giving up your god-given right and ability to defend yourself as god intended it.

(note, should you like to argue that god didn’t intend it… that’s the language of the constitution, not mine.)

If the gun control freaks don’t like the founding principles and ideals of our constitution, there are other places they can live… like France. 🙂

Can I get an Amen?

*steps down*

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If you REALLY believe in your 2nd amendment rights you will become a member of the NRA.


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