Response to anti-gun attitudes

From my anti-gun friend:

thats not it at all for one the amendment says and i quote the right to bear arms “a well regulated militia,being neccisary for the security of a free state, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. they were saying the right to have guns fora militia is fine. they didnt say you cant for other reasons but the constitution only protects militias, most murders are comited with no way of self defense, people dont go im gonna kill you when they ahvea gun in your face and chat you up they run up and pull the trigger, more guns just means more people will get pissed and retaliate causing utter chaos, i know anarchist crackheads who think thats a dumb idea. the times have changed i beleive in street justice but still, its not he way thigns used to be people no longer have any repsect for the power a firearms really holds or any grasp of what theyve really done when theyve killed somebody. so giving everone a gun just makes it easier for someon to sneak up beind you and blow your brians out, and sice everyone else has a gun if they see it they start shooting and it turns riotus. gun battles in the streets people not knowing who or what to shoot at. most murders go un witnessed and most people wouldnt have the guts to pull the trigger if neccisary. our founding fathers also said “the constituiton is in no way based on the christian doctrine” -george washington and “churches are no more useful than lighthouses -ben franklin, but people still try to put prayer in schools. if times were different and attitudes toward death were different id have no problem with lax gun laws, but there are alot of crazy people in the world. the constitution can be overidden and amended in the case of clear and present danger (shenck vs us) and current gun laws like the gunshow loophole which is were the colombie kids got there guns, is getting on that line. they set up that amendment at a time of muzzle loaders. not fully auotmatic 20 round or more rifles. theres a big discepency, i beleive only guns with a form of neccsity and or low level of danger from hidden murder should be allowed. pistols for those in law enforcement etc. i think people should be allowed to stra a shotgun around there shoulder and walk down the street with no issue. but not hide a pistol in their pocket so they can rob someone without seeing the gun

My Response:

Damn man, use some paragraph breaks. I’m not a robot. I gotta have my information chunked up for me.

On some points, I agree, and on others. I disagree. The intent of the forefathers with the word militia is unclear today by our definition of the term but what they thought it meant was something entirely different. It is very clear from their writing that it is intended as an individual right to bear arms, not a collective right of an organized govt sponsored militia. I’ve pointed that out very well in my latest video.

Now that being said, I AM for some responsible and reasonable gun legislation. I believe mental and criminal background checks are good ideas and should be compulsory. I believe that we need to close the loopholes that criminals are using to arm themselves. But, I also believe it is our obligation to allow honest, decent, non-criminal citizens the right to carry. In the interest of that I believe it’s a good thing that we have a government sponsored gun program like Concealed Handgun License so long as they are on a shall-issue basis. Citizens that go through that (like myself) submit to a rigorous background check, classroom instruction on gun safety and the law and must demonstrate proficiency with a weapon on a range in front of a qualified instructor. Now that I’m certified basically all I have to do is show my CHL ID and I can walk up to any gun dealer and buy any semi-auto or lower classification weapon with no background check and minimal paperwork.

Now, the fact that I have to have that license to actually carry concealed is bullshit. I believe you are granted the power to carry openly or concealed by the 2nd amendment and any regulation adverse to that is unconstitutional. I hear your concerns about concealed carry vs open carry. That’s a big debate in the gun community and always has been. It’s basically a trade off of surprise vs show of force.

I have to disagree with your view on giving everyone guns. I believe the history behind concealed carry laws passing over the last few years has shown us quite clearly that an armed populace can police itself well in this matter. Citizens that apply for and receive officially sponsored licenses like a CHL make up way less than 1% of the conviction rate of the standard populace. (that statistic is from the Texas department of public safety and is visible there for verification) Furthermore, there has always been a major liberal media campaign saying blood will run in the streets prior to any Concealed Handgun legislation passing in a state. Those days have come and passed without incident. In truth, the honest hard working citizen is generally lawful and would not commit crimes such as you describe. That has been proven by the lack of bloodshed once they are armed. The citizens that WOULD commit such acts are generally criminal in their very nature and would already have barred themselves from legally owning a gun by virtue of their criminal status (most likely felony).

Anyone who is afraid to arm the populace of their country has no faith in their fellow citizens and in their fellow man. I can tell you that where I come from, EVERYONE is armed. We go bout our lives in quiet dignity just as if we weren’t armed. However, when the need does arise, the means to defend yourself and your property against the tyranny of evil men is on hand when needed. That means is employed when necessary, but often, the threat of it is enough to keep those would-be criminals walking the straight and narrow. There are always going to be crack-heads, knuckleheads and the like. Society will always produce vermin. Having an armed populace allows an individual citizen to defend themselves from that element of society without having to crawl under a desk and dial 911 so someone can come save them. It is the god given right of every man, woman and child to be able to defend themselves. Depriving a honest citizen of that is illegal, unconstitutional and immoral.


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