On “Laws of Magick”, an essay

Speaking in reference to the absoluteness of the laws of magick.

These are all well and good and certainly things to keep in mind in most situations but they’re not “laws” as in “it always works this way.” They are general guidelines. You don’t always get back what you put out and it’s certainly not always 3 fold. You don’t always have to do something to cause something and knowing something’s true name does not necessarily lend power or influence over something.

Magick revolves around belief. If you have more knowledge about something you’re bound to be more confident about what you’re doing is going to work and that in turn fuels your belief. If you weave something and you question you work or doubt it then it’s not going to work. Knowing something’s “true name” or being intimately familiar with how it works or having done it before lends to your degree of belief and thus your “authority” over that particular situation. The more “authority” or belief and confidence you have in your abilities the better.

Now, that being said, any nitwit with belief in himself and enough confidence in what he’s doing can potentially be a problem. They don’t have to know what house Venus or Pluto is in or some archaic chat thought up by the ancient celts.

They can dance around in their living rooms and chant jibberish with a colander on their head and they could be a problem if they believe in what they’re doing. Conversely, if you think they’re totally silly and you don’t believe in what they’re doing then it’s going to bounce off of you. A LOT of magick has to do with the power of suggestion. I’d say 90% of most lower magical forms are more the power of suggestion or therapy than anything.

Basically, if it’s emotional stuff, if you believe it will work then it will work. If you doubt even the smallest bit it’s not going anywhere.

Setting something like this list of laws down and adopting it can be dangerous. Laws promote dogma and dogma is prone to get stagnant.

And people wonder why the druids never wrote anything down… Once you write it down it’s no longer living. No longer dynamic. It’s stuck in the same state you were when you wrote it. It can no longer grow and change and evolve. It’s dead.


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