Monotheism vs. Polytheism

I find that in my mind, after much thought, that the two forces of good and evil / light and dark / God and the Devil / Yin & Yang can meld into and connect on several levels. I personally believe in a balance of light and dark, positive and negative. Without the darkness how can we truly appreciate the light? Without a basis for comparison the light would be a dull void of complacency.

I personally believe in both a single “god” and multiple “gods” at the same time. (boy, I bet that one has you thinking now.) Yes, I realize that’s having my cake and eating it too but hear me out and realize that I’m not preaching here, this is just one opinion from a druid with entirely too much free time.

In the beginning, the universe was void and without form. (Sound familiar?) There was only one Being, a singular consciousness that spanned all of creation and none of it, at the same time. This Being exists outside of what we know of as time and space; in another realm known to the Druids as Summerland. This Being, we’ll call it God was neither male nor female, but an inseparable merging of the two. It was also both light and dark, a blending of the two that we cannot quite comprehend because in our world the light is either on or off, generally speaking.

God said, “let there be light” and then Universal Light and Power asked him for a $500 deposit because he didn’t have any credit established yet. I hate it when that happens.

This “let there be light” statement means that he filled the whole of everything with himself (rolling around in the big leaf pile of the universe like a kid on an autumn day). He has now permeated the universe totally with himself; both light & darkness… remember it’s dualistic.

God is light & dark. He created us in his image, meaning that we are both light and dark and have the same powers as he does given that we are made from the same stuff (spirit). We simply have to recognize this and believe it or as I like to say “Speak as a child of God”. When we do this we weave “magick”. Christians call it prayer and they visualize God or other forces of God doing the work. Pagans call it magic and visualize their god/dess or gods or other spiritual critters or even themselves doing the work. It’s all the same thing. It all revolves around belief. We have to believe!

Christ himself said, “have faith as a grain of mustard seed and you can move mountains.” Well, what he was talking about was if you BELIEVE (or have faith) then you can put some serious stuff into motion. Any pagan that’s been around for a while will tell you that you have to believe and be confident in yourself and your relationship with the spirit world or you’re going to flop every time. When Christ performed his healings he even said as much in his teachings. After a healing he would comment, “It is not I that has healed you but your faith.” That statement proves Christ’s awareness of our own potential that is awakened through belief. This thought is a key concept known to many pagans as The Witches Pyramid; To know, To dare, TO WILL (or believe) and To keep silent.

Now, God has created us & our world and all the critters in it Keep in mind this could have taken a LONG time. The bible says it took so many days but the bible also says that to God a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day. And people wonder why the evolutionary theory doesn’t seem like it reconciles with creationism. They seem to be forgetting that just about any specific reference to God and time is absolutely relative to the fact that he is outside of time. Why can’t people consider that maybe both theories are correct? God designed and influenced evolution. And, he has modeled everything here that is living after himself, spiritually speaking. That does not mean that we all LOOK like him physically but we are all little miniature copies of him spiritually. In fact, you might go so far as to say that we are the cells that make up the body of God.

When he permeated the universe with himself he became the universe, flowing through all things and in all places and times at once. We each have a divine spark of life in us as every life on the planet does. This is his spirit and the great mystery of life and awareness. However, we, individually, are immature and lack experience so we must be taught the lessons of life’s existence in order to fully come into our own. What better way to do it than to let us live lifetime after lifetime in a world designed to test and try us?

Well, he puts us on our way and guides us where he can provide we listen to the little voice inside of each of us he has put there but he has a major problem. We’re not developed enough to truly understand and comprehend who we are, and certainly not who he really is. We can perceive parts of him but not really wrap our minds around the whole because it’s simply so far above us rather like a rabbit trying to contemplate the significance of Velcro… it’s great stuff and simple to use but to the rabbit just wants to know if he can eat it or not. The rabbit has no idea that it makes great ties for shoes and has hundreds of other uses because it has no comprehension of shoes in the least. So, what does God do? He appears or manifests to us in each of our different cultures (lots of different cultures because we multiply like rabbits, especially in the days of Eden) with a cultural twist. The same basic elements (or golden rules) are there for each culture but they’re slightly variant with each culture, a minor cultural twist to keep things interesting. These individual cultural gods, pantheons and religions are all manifestations of the same God.

You may have a single savior in one culture or faith and in another you need 100s of gods to accomplish the same goal. Each of these sub-gods is simply a manifestation of the one true force that we just can’t really fully comprehend. We, at times, are forced to interact with these “masks”, as they are much easier to access and relate to than trying to relate the vastness of God in his entirety. This works out great for both parties as our heads don’t explode trying to comprehend God and God actually gets to help us along our spiritual evolution. Every parent wants to see his or her children grow and succeed.

Therefore, I personally believe that just about all faiths and religions are right on their fundamental levels because they are all manifestations of the same force, sometimes with massively different dogmas, which are almost always created by man and said to be inspired by God. People love making up dogmas and saying it’s God’s will. It’s a great past-time for the bored or the ethically or morally insane. Almost as fun as bombing government buildings or plotting to hijack airplanes and run them into over-populated buildings in the name of God and your religion. This is not, however anywhere close to “God’s will”. This is man’s will using God as a cover for man’s own goals and needs. However, at the very core, at the very ROOT of every major religion there are the same central principles: Be positive and helpful, band together as a family, love one another, try to make peace one way or another, be fruitful and prosperous, the same basic truths that are presented in the Christian 10 commandments are in just about ever other major religion on the planet.


Because it’s all coming from the same source.


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