Mediums Done Well with Ormus

For those of you who don’t know one of my long time partners in crime is the well-known and exceptionally talented Houston area psychic medium Lori from . She’s our lead medium for Houston Ghost Research (HGR) so I’ve seen her abilities at work time and time again and am constantly floored by what she can do. I’m also privileged enough to be able to give input on her latest book that should be on the market soon (check out her website for details.)
When our little circle of friends first started discovering ormus and I realized that much of what folks were describing in Joe De Kadt’s documentary All the Gold You Can Eat it was apparent (to me) that a lot of the psychological and spiritual aspects folks described in the documentary were part of the spiritual awakening process muggles to through when their awareness shifts into a higher level.
After sharing my little theory about how this newly discovered (to us) Ormus stuff worked the next logical step for me was to wonder “if it helps muggles to wake up what the hell does it do to a psychic?” That was a question we simply HAD to have answered.
I’d also like to take a moment to salute both Lori and Tony (another medium in our group) for their bravery. Without batting an eye they both volunteered to scope out the effects of Ormus on the already amped up senses of a well-trained medium. We were not disappointed with the results I can tell you that.
Several team members from HGR including Lori and Tony share their accounts of the effects in one of our Higher Consciousness Radio podcasts titled Ormus Journey. Our findings were pretty amazingly consistent. Across the board with the 5-6 individuals involved in the first round of testing, all of whom are self-reported sensitives, each and every one of them reported a fairly profound increase in sensitive, the ability to tap into their abilities / ease of use and the clarity and accuracy of readings. Indeed, it could easily have been described as a sort of “psychic” adrenaline. There were also the typical physical improvements that are so commonly associated with ormus such as better sleep, vivid dreams, improved mood and energy level, etc. but the “spiritual” effects really got me to thinking.
Slowly, with careful observation of team members and their experiments with ormus and doing some research on my own I started to put together a theory that the primary action of the so-called monoatomic gold or the infamous “white powdered gold.” I believe that the primary action is on the pineal gland which has long been believed to be the seat of extra-sensory perception / psychic abilities. I recently detailed this theory with my supporting observations on my Blue Rose Alchemy blog with an entry titled Ormus and the Pineal Gland.
Research is still ongoing and very promising. Ormus is having a profound impact on the health and wellness of many folks in our circle of friends. I’m very proud to be associated with this tool and certainly proud to be teaching folks how to make it through the BRA youtube channel and my detailed instructions on BRA. Updated information and tutorials will certainly be made available here in this blog, on the BRA site blog, in our Modern Alchemy blog and absolutely on youtube.
Lastly, a special thanks again to Lori. If you’re interested in a private reading you can schedule one through her site at

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