Herbalism Overview

Dictionary.com defines herb as the following: 

herb (ûrb, hûrb) n.

1. A plant whose stem does not produce woody, persistent tissue and generally dies back at the end of each growing season.

2. Any of various often aromatic plants used especially in medicine or as seasoning.
3. Slang. Marijuana.

 Herbs have been used from time immemorial not only in healing our bodies and minds but also our spirits. Most modern medications and drugs used by doctors today are derived from the earth in one form or another. The use of plants and natural substances to treat illness has been a timehonored practice since the beginning of recorded history and probably for centuries before.

Science verifies the medicinal uses for plants that herbalists have been using for centuries every day. Ultimately we all come from the earth and generally speaking we shall all return to the earth in one form or another. It is my personal belief that there is not a disease that occurs that Mother Nature does not provide a cure for. It’s simply a matter of locating it.

Now, a note on modern medicine and antibiotics: the general welfare of the immune system of the human race as a whole is declining at a rapid pace due to the over-use of prescription antibiotics by the medical community. The natural process of infection and recovery involves our bodies being infected with an outside organism and then our own natural immune system developing natural antibodies to fight the disease, thereby making us immune to the disease (or any similar strains) infecting us again. When an antibody that our immune system didn’t learn to create is used to fight a disease then we are not immune to further infection and other variant strains later. The immune system becomes lax and lethargic. It is generally better to suffer through a cold or other minor illness naturally and let your body naturally recover than it is to take prescription antibiotics. Prescription antibodies do have their place but should be used with discretion.

Taking an herbal complex to stimulate and feed your immune system when you get sick is generally the best option for you as it was for your ancestors. Immune system information is encoded directly into our genetic code so that our children and future generations can benefit from the knowledge gained in our own immune systems. When you go to the doctor ask about getting an immune system stimulant instead of antibiotics so that you can naturally defeat the infection. The homeopathic school of herbalism prescribes Echinacea and Goldenseal with large doses of Vitamin C to help stimulate the immune system naturally. This will at times take longer than using antibiotics from a doctor but generally speaking you will be immune to the strain of disease once you defeat it the first time.


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