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The truth will wake you in the night and cause a peaceful slumber
The truth will set men free and bind them accordingly
The truth will make amends for unjust actions
The truth will bring brother to brother
The truth will hurt and break and heal and wake
The truth will open the gates to the land of Sidhe
The truth will hold up the walls of sovereignty
The truth will make the stones cry out
The truth will balance the center


A part of all things

I am raven on the field
I am drop of rain cascading down the water fall
I am deer stepping softly through a wooded glade
I am moss growing on the ancient tree
I am ember blazing in the sacred fire
I am rock hiding beneath the soil
I am beam of light cutting through the still of night
I am wind rustling reeds of the bog
I am sound echoing from the dolmen
I am and was and will be



We are people of words,
people of careful action,
living through our conscience,
steeling our wills with words.

To know,
To dare,
To keep silent.

We hold that as our creed.
Speaking twice over double tongue,
beneath our breath,
as our sacred quest.

Our utmost wish,
our fondest desire,
is to decipher
that which cannot be spoken.

Our character is often stoic.
Our nature is that of a babe;
four score decades old.
Our vision: transparent.

Our spirit wanders
about the world until
we perceive
the nature of divine.

Our judgment: weighted with mercy.
Our wrath is rightly earned.
Our vengeance: evenhanded
though not always evident.

Our sword is seldom brought to bear
on our fellow man
unless such a grievous act
compels us to take action.

When we must act,
the flash of steel
and glint of fang
find us as the beast.

Our love: bottomless
Without end
Almost infinite understanding

Such is the nature
of one who seeks
to understand the divine


Now I see

From out of darkest fire
And deepest misery
We come forth
And renew our vows
To live life
From the heart

From the cold abandon
And the silent halls
We come forth
And renew our vows
To refill our spirit
From the wells of wisdom

From the solitude
And the empty arms
We come forth
And renew our vows
To find hope
From the promise of change

Stepping softly in the darkness
On a path of cobbled stone
There arises a new light
To illuminate our way
And promise of companionship

Perhaps it was always there
And we were blind
With night-bound eyes
To see the glow
Of the gentle white moon

Now I see
With clarity
Echoing words of wisdom
And peace enough for all
Perfection came