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Holographic Universe Video Workshop

I’ve been a disciple of the HU theory for about 10 yrs now… simply put, it’s changed my life and is a corner / keystone for my spiritual beliefs and my shamanic practice.

The workshop is a narrated slideshow that explains all of the concepts and principles involved. It’s based off of the original book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, but the narrated video workshop has been updated with new material since since the book was originally published in the 70’s. I cannot stress how life-changing this can be.

Link here:



What if I told you…

What if I told you that almost all organized religions are false and are more interested in controlling you than helping you find truth? The cake is a lie.

What if I told you that the science is proving more and more every day that reality is subjective and your experience here on this imaginary rock is directly linked to your belief structures and therefore the most critical aspect of life is being judicious with what you choose to belive?

What if I told you some of the most useful tools to grow spiritually have been vilified and demonized in order to suppress their truth and keep you controlled and suppressed?

That if I told you that you must accept that your religion is a mythology no more or less valid than one from 200, 2000 or 20,000 years ago but that it’s ok? The important thing is that your beliefs give you a framework to interact with our reality.

What if I told you that most of the major religions today are deliberately designed to seperate you from the experience of spirit and the truth of spiritual growth?

What if I told you the only thing that matters are the beliefs you choose to embrace, your awareness, freeing yourself from doubt, judgment, pre-concieved notions and the most important part of growth is recognizing those belief structures within yourself and changing them?

What if I told you your duty is to learn to love yourself as you love your brothers and if you can do that you can’t help but find truth?

What if I told you Thou Art God and once you truly understand that statement the secrets of the universe will unlock for you and the only thing stopping you is you.

Would you believe? Could you believe? Do you have the courage to see that truth?


On the Nature of Free Will, Time and Destiny

I’ve often contemplated the paradox of free will. The thought that we have the freedom to choose our actions, yet the conflict that our paths have already been chosen for us; that a supreme being already knows what we’re going to do. This seems fundamentally contradictory. How do we have the freedom to choose if someone else already knows what we’re going to do? Doesn’t their knowledge of what we’re going to choose mean the choice has already been made and therefore it’s not really free will?
Perhaps some of our assumptions are flawed in this logic though. I can see several examples of this. We’re assuming that someone knowing what we’re going to choose is somehow us not choosing. That’s not necessarily true. If I know you like chocolate more than vanilla and I offer you a choice between the two I could say that I already know which you’re going to choose. Of course you’re free to choose both and you might decide you’re feeling more vanilla today, but 9/10 times you’ll pick chocolate.
This is really more of a question of probability though and I’m not sure it applies to the question at hand. You’re making an educated guess. If we’re discussing this at a higher level and saying God or some other supreme intelligence already absolutely knows what we’re going to choose and it’s not just a question of them understanding you and the variables and the probability… they simply KNOW, then the probability assumption doesn’t apply because KNOWING is different from analyzing and making an educated guess.
To my limited mortal understanding the only way a supreme intelligence could truly KNOW what you’re going to choose before you make a choice would be if they exist outside of the flow of linear time. If this is the case, which I’ve always assumed its part of a supreme intelligence’s “omnipotence” (existing being outside of time as we understand it) then we can easily understand the nature of free will.
Imagine, if you will, a some kind of supreme being (God, for this example and I use the term God in the most generic sense here) standing along the shore of a river; the river being time itself. You are a fish in this river. You only know the world of water (time). You can barely conceive of a reality outside of the river of time. You are swept up in time‘s current. That is your reality; the world of linear time where there is always a “now”, a “before” and an “after”. You are a creature caught in the current of linear time, unlike God who can exist both inside the river and outside.
If God goes upriver God sees everything that has happened before. Every choice you’ve made in any degree of detail. If you go downriver you see every choice you will make. To the being who exists outside of this river they can clearly see that you’ve already made these choices. There is no question of what you will do or won’t do. They can clearly see what you’ve already chosen. But, to you, from your perspective, in the river in the NOW you seem to not have made those future choices yet.
You remember everything that’s you’ve done, but you don’t know what’s ahead of you in the river. To you, you haven’t made those choices yet. You can only understand the part of the river you’ve come from and where you are now. You don’t really know what’s ahead because you’re caught in the current of NOW.
God can see the Now. He can see the Before. He can see the future that’s ahead because he has the ability to go along the shore where ever he chooses. He can move up and down the river at his leisure. He can take an eternity in each moment at his leisure. This affords him the ability to see and be everywhere all the time because he can move through time in a way we can just barely conceive of.
God can clearly see what you’re going to choose before you even know you’ve chosen it. That doesn’t mean he’s made the choice for you, he can just see it before you’re aware you’ve even made the choice. You’re still doing the choosing. You still have free will, but he can see what you’re going to do before you’ve done it.
Assuming this is true, that would clearly mean the free will is not a paradox. It is easily understood, though perhaps it may seem a bit alien to those of us stuck in the current of time.

Mediums Done Well with Ormus

For those of you who don’t know one of my long time partners in crime is the well-known and exceptionally talented Houston area psychic medium Lori from . She’s our lead medium for Houston Ghost Research (HGR) so I’ve seen her abilities at work time and time again and am constantly floored by what she can do. I’m also privileged enough to be able to give input on her latest book that should be on the market soon (check out her website for details.)
When our little circle of friends first started discovering ormus and I realized that much of what folks were describing in Joe De Kadt’s documentary All the Gold You Can Eat it was apparent (to me) that a lot of the psychological and spiritual aspects folks described in the documentary were part of the spiritual awakening process muggles to through when their awareness shifts into a higher level.
After sharing my little theory about how this newly discovered (to us) Ormus stuff worked the next logical step for me was to wonder “if it helps muggles to wake up what the hell does it do to a psychic?” That was a question we simply HAD to have answered.
I’d also like to take a moment to salute both Lori and Tony (another medium in our group) for their bravery. Without batting an eye they both volunteered to scope out the effects of Ormus on the already amped up senses of a well-trained medium. We were not disappointed with the results I can tell you that.
Several team members from HGR including Lori and Tony share their accounts of the effects in one of our Higher Consciousness Radio podcasts titled Ormus Journey. Our findings were pretty amazingly consistent. Across the board with the 5-6 individuals involved in the first round of testing, all of whom are self-reported sensitives, each and every one of them reported a fairly profound increase in sensitive, the ability to tap into their abilities / ease of use and the clarity and accuracy of readings. Indeed, it could easily have been described as a sort of “psychic” adrenaline. There were also the typical physical improvements that are so commonly associated with ormus such as better sleep, vivid dreams, improved mood and energy level, etc. but the “spiritual” effects really got me to thinking.
Slowly, with careful observation of team members and their experiments with ormus and doing some research on my own I started to put together a theory that the primary action of the so-called monoatomic gold or the infamous “white powdered gold.” I believe that the primary action is on the pineal gland which has long been believed to be the seat of extra-sensory perception / psychic abilities. I recently detailed this theory with my supporting observations on my Blue Rose Alchemy blog with an entry titled Ormus and the Pineal Gland.
Research is still ongoing and very promising. Ormus is having a profound impact on the health and wellness of many folks in our circle of friends. I’m very proud to be associated with this tool and certainly proud to be teaching folks how to make it through the BRA youtube channel and my detailed instructions on BRA. Updated information and tutorials will certainly be made available here in this blog, on the BRA site blog, in our Modern Alchemy blog and absolutely on youtube.
Lastly, a special thanks again to Lori. If you’re interested in a private reading you can schedule one through her site at

Ormus and the Pineal Gland

In mystical and new age circles there is much adieu about the pineal gland. Within these groups it’s said that this pine cone shaped gland deep within the brain is the physical counterpart to the mystical third eye, reputed to be the seat of psychic powers and abilities.
Indeed. there’s some truth to this. The pineal gland in the reptilian brain is actually much closer to an eye organ used to sense light. Even in the human counterpart there are rods and cones within retinal tissue present within this gland. It’s also wired directly to the visual cortex. This is a strong argument that internal “vision” can be closely linked with such an organ.
This organ also produces a critically important chemical known as DMT. This is a potent hallucinogen that must be present in order for us to Dream. There is also compelling evidence that this substance is closely related to visions, mystical experiences and I personally believe it’s a catalyst for psychic abilities centered around the visual and auditory sense.
The pineal gland is also responsible for regulating critical hormones such as melatonin which are responsible for circadian rhythms (the body’s natural clock) and plays a critical role in sleep. Melatonin is also closely linked with mood, anxiety and emotional stability.
One of the well-known disorders associated with the pineal gland is the calcification of tissue. There’s much speculation about what causes this, primarily centered around fluoride and other “toxins” often added to municipal water supplies in the US. I personally believe the jury is still out on the cause of this condition, but it seems apparent that something causes it and it’s obvious that this is a less than optimal condition for such a critical component in the endocrine system.
Now lets discuss some of the most commonly reported effects of taking ormus at least in my experience and what’s reported by those I work with. These include:
  • Dramatic increase in quality of sleep.
  • Noticeable increase in overall energy level and lack of fatigue (possibly due to better sleep)
  • Vivid dreams
  • Increase in mental focus and acuity (mental fog lifting)
  • Increase in the ability to internally visualize (crisp, clear internal vision)
  • Dramatic decrease in anxiety level and overall stress
  • Increase in mental motivation and desire to be active.
  • Dramatic increase in the clarity and ease of bringing on psychic visualizations such as remote viewing.
  • Dramatic decrease in tissue inflammation related to chronic conditions such as arthritis.
  • Dramatic healing of various physical issues.
With the exception of the decrease in tissue inflammation and perhaps some of the dramatic healing I’ve seen, each of these most commonly reported benefits are very closely tied with the functions controlled by the pineal gland.
I believe it’s therefore reasonable to consider the possibility that there may be a potent positive action from ormus on the functionality and effectiveness of the pineal gland. I believe this warrants serious scientific research and study.

Ethics of Exorcism

Too often I’ve seen other spiritual practitioners make assumptions about what is best for others, especially spirits. If we are able to make the leap in understanding that spirits are people… or at least entities embodied with the same free will that we enjoy should we also not afford those same spirits the same understanding and rights that we insist for ourselves?

Many spiritual practitioners I know immediately seem to rush to binding a spirit or otherwise imposing their will on another spirit. I try to step back and ask myself how I would feel if I were that spirit. How would I feel if someone were pushing me around, exorcising me or coercing me? I try to put myself in their shoes and ask myself what is morally and ethically correct in these situations before counseling a client or taking action on their behalf.

Does the spirit intend harm? What is their intent? What is their motivation? Is there a real threat or is there some miss-communication happening? Is the client actually threatened or just interpreting the actions of the spirit as threatening because of a lack of understanding or clear communication?

Absolutely there are those cases where a spirit intends harm. The client has a right to peacefully enjoy their home and their life, but the spirit has a right to be peaceful as well. If, for some reason that peaceful balance cannot be achieved through counseling or understanding or because the spirits motivation is simply to do harm then perhaps it’s reasonable to take action against the spirit in order to at least restore the client’s peace, but this should be a last resort, not the first tool you reach for.

We typically do not cross spirits over unless they obviously seem to be lost or can’t do it themselves or stuck in a less-than-desirable state. We take that stance because we do not want to interfere with free will. If a spirit wants to stay here, we feel they have a right to. We may in some circumstances suggest that they move on and help them if they are willing, but our first priority is service to the client / the living. Spirits can typically fend for themselves quite well. In extreme circumstances with an abusive spirit we will force them out or even over depending on the circumstances, but we should be careful this is the moral and ethical action to take. .


Aliens And Gold And Ormus, Oh My….

Ok,…. I just had a giant mug of coffee and a shot of ormus so i’m gonna be all over the place for a few minutes, but this is something i’ve been pondering for a long time…. I’m going to try and put it into a cohesive form here for the first time. There is a LOT i’m leaving out here… a LOT, just hitting the highlights to communicate the gist of the theory i’m pondering.
They really ARE after me lucky charms?!!
The Anunnaki:
I have been very interested in the work of Zecharia Sitchen for years. For those of you who don’t know he was an archaeologist who focused primarily on the Sumerian culture. The primary thrust of his work proposed an ancient astronaut theory based on an ancient alien culture called the Anunnaki who he believed was a war-like highly advanced alien race who lived on a planet named Nibiru. The planet is supposedly on an extreme elliptical orbit that takes it way out of our normal range and then brings it back every 3000 years or so. This is all extrapolated from studying Sumerian artifacts, culture and myth. What the Sumerians called “gods” were supposedly these aliens. There’s lots of other fun stuff here like Nephilim being the offspring of these aliens and human women. Apparently they liked getting their freak on with human females.
It should also be noted that I believe that these are likely the same entities that are documented in the movie The 4th Kind. The entity speaking at the end of the movie is even speaking in Sumerian and refers to himself as “our gods.”
The Gold:
So, according to Sitchen, these Anunnaki were raiding other planets for resources, especially earth. Their technology required gold and apparently a lot of it. Sitchen theorized that it was to pulverize the gold and put it into their atmosphere to help them with with the long elliptical orbits in space, I have another theory but we’ll get into that momentarily.
So they needed the gold, but these lazy bitches didn’t want to do the manual work to mine it… SO, they used their advanced technology to cross native earth species with their own and essentially created Man as a slave labor force for mining. There’s a LOT of other stuff Sitchen says (and backs up with evidence) about the Anunnaki, but it’s not relevant for the moment.
Ormus is thought to be the platinum group elements in a new state of matter or at least in mono-atomic or small clusters of atoms. One of the primary elements is gold. Indeed you can take pure gold and MAKE ormus.
Ormus also has strong biblical ties and goes back at LEAST to ancient Egypt. If it goes back that for I’m going to guess it was something that likely survived from Summer as well. Sumerian culture is the oldest culture we know about. It’s literally the seat of civilization.
There’s some pretty compelling links between what’s called Manna in the bible to the powdered form of Ormus. David Hudson gets into this stuff in his research. I certainly don’t agree with everything Hudson has to say, but so long as you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water you’ll see some remarkable similarities between modern ormus and biblical manna AND what the Egyptians called the Semen of the Gods which they made into something called the Bread of Life, essentially an ormus cake.
Gold is almost useless to ancient man other than as a decoration. In modern technology it’s only useful for it’s electromagnetic properties. I suspect it’s those same electro-magnetic properties that produce the same effects once ingested. It’s fairly apparent that the Egyptians made ormus in large quantities and it was controlled by the priesthood. Large quantities have been found in temples. Sitchen assumed that we valued gold after the anunnaki left on their last rotation because it was the anunnaki valued, but what if we valued it for the same reason they did?
What if the Annunaki weren’t after the gold for the reason Sitchen thought? What if they were eating it? Given it’s benefits I wonder if that wasn’t what they were really using it for and why they needed it. Since were were heavily based on their genetic structure according to Sitchen’s work then it makes sense that the effects it has on us is likely very similar to the effects it had on them. In fact, it may have been MUCH more potent for them.
And it’s VERY potent for us. I just had a friend of mine completely cure himself of a very serious illness using ormus. If t’s that potent for us… what in the hell did it do for them?
What if they WERE after our lucky charms?

On the limited interaction with the spirit world

If spirits (people) can show themselves and communicate with us briefly, why don’t they do it more often? Why don’t they just walk up and have a conversation? I’ve asked myself that question many times…. I think in many cases they probably try that and because of the limited nature of how most of us perceive reality, we can’t hear/see them unless they make a special effort.

I also expect that there is likely so “rule” or “law” imposed on people who have have passed on that makes it so that they can only interact with us in a limited capacity, otherwise why would any father or mother ever separate from their children… My best guess is that since we seem to be reincarnating from life to life…. and from the research I’ve done I think we likely reincarnate with the same group of souls over and over that this rule or law is put in place so that we focus on living this life to learn the lessons we’re supposed to learn. We can never move on if everyone we lost over our lifetimes kept hanging around. They are though, obviously, allowed to visit and occasionally help. It may also be that once they pass on they see this life for what it really is…. of no great consequence other than learning lessons and they see the wisdom in letting us keep our attention on that rather than distract us…. much like a parent might watch a child in a classroom from afar, only stepping in when truly needed.


Man, this is really the $100,000,000 question….
My answer to that really depends greatly on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. In any case none of the answers are really 100% satisfactory to me and raise more questions than they answer, hence the rabbit hole.

There are two major schools of thought here:

1) We have been given ultimate spiritual dominion over this realm – (this “realm” meaning reality as we understand it) There are a few bible verses that I can’t think of off the top of my head, but they basically state that Christ gave us dominion over the spirit in this world and while they are here interacting with us they are completely subject to our wills. If we order them out they have no choice to comply.

While I suspect there may be a large amount of truth to this, I also suspect that it is not necessarily limited to christians. There are many religions and spiritual practices around the world that involve binding, manipulating and coercing spirits by prayer or ritual means. No matter who gave us the authority or whether the authority is just some sort of natural law we don’t understand yet, these spiritual practices have been using this principle for thousands of years with relatively good success. This is whole concept is the whole logic behind why the catholic exorcism ritual works.

2) It really has nothing to do with being forceful. It has more to do with being able to motivate / manipulate your own spirit (put it into motion) in order to impose your will over the spirit’s and thereby push them out. The ACT of being forceful or performing some sort of ritual gives you the focus necessary and bolsters your belief to the point that you are able to push the spirit out. The ritual itself is meaningless without your focus and spirit / will behind it, but without the (or any) ritual to GIVE you focus or belief it wouldn’t work.

A good illustration that backs up this theory would be that we have on occasion seen a client completely and utterly fail the process of us coaching them through a house cleansing to the point that the spirits laugh at them. The spirits are often annoyed / weakened by some of the materials we use in the rituals, but are otherwise unharmed and still present. In these cases we’ve found that if we question the client and do some digging into how they really feel about what’s going on they often have some serious doubts about what they’re doing and what’s going on. Ultimately they have yet to fully buy into what’s going on which has in turn caused them to fail to utilize their faith / motivate their spirit to get behind the ritual. Their words are hollow and have no real meaning.

In those same situations if myself or one of our team who is a “believer” were to resume the ritual the spirit is quickly and effectively dealt with / pushed out. However, this effect on a client’s home is usually only temporary. At best it lasts only a few days and sometimes only a few hours before the spirit returns. In these cases we refer to this as the client failing to declare their authority / dominion over their space / home. There is something powerful about motivating your spirit / faith and declaring a space as “yours”.

As a further complication, people have the ability to channel light / energy and project it  with the proper coaching and / or training. People who are spiritually awake / aware are especially adept at this. One of the first things we teach a new group member to do is to connect to that light, channel it through them and form it either into a protective shell OR use it as an offensive “weapon” to push a hostile spirit away. There are two keys we’ve found to this that are the major gauges of success. 1) the person seems to have to have faith in some kind of higher power or at least believe that there IS some sacred place for the light to be channeled from. 2) the person has to focus and clearly visualize. Visualization is especially key. The more you can focus / visualize the more effective it is. Tony is especially adept at this technique and I’ve met a few clients who when worked up can almost blind a medium standing in the room next to them when they channel the light. (yes…. I’m fully aware of hose hokey and full of crap this all sounds to some people, I struggle with that myself at times, but if it’s stupid and it works…. it’s not stupid, and trust me… it works. I’ve seen it work time and time again.)

Over the years it’s become clear that for WHATEVER reason, spirits are subject to our wills. Some spirits are easier to deal with, others are more difficult, but I have yet to encounter one that is immune and I’ve run into some pretty nasty spooks over the years. Whether you believe it’s because God has given us this authority / ability, because it’s a natural law because this realm “belongs” to us or just because you are declaring space as yours and infusing it with your energy / will, the reason is almost irrelevant to the fact that the process works. I have spent a LOT of time myself wondering why and how the process works too.


The Impeccable Formless Warrior

This is a concept I’ve long since held as truth close to my center, but I just recently found out there’s a term for it. The term is a Impeccable Formless Warrior and it comes from the writings of Carlos Castaneda
Impeccable is generally defined as “Perfect, having no faults, flaws or errors; Incapable of wrongdoing or sin; immaculate.” That is a lofty goal, indeed, but we are all have our flaws and faults. We can, however, strive to be better than we are. We can be more impeccable today than we were yesterday. We can turn the other cheek when we know that is the right thing to do. We can let that criticism of our fellow man fade into the static of our minds when we know it will not be well received and would be an injurious truth. 
That is the concept we should strive for. While I’m the first to say that I have not and likely will not always take the high road in all the decisions in life, I do make an effort to strive to be Impeccable. It’s important to be trustworthy both to yourself, your fellow man and your higher power so that when you’re called to stand tall before “The Man” you can meet him eye to eye and know that you’ve done your best. 
Formless, now that’s an alien concept to most of us. Of course it means “without form” but in this context we’re talking about the human form, not in a physical sense, but in an emotional sense. We should all strive to be detached from the drama, cares and concerns around us as much as we are able so that in moments of crisis or stress we don’t get swept away in the current of the moment. We are anchored from that stress and free to take a step back in the middle of the storm and re-assess the situation. What is really happening? What are my real choices here? What would happen if I simply walked away or took no action?
So many times in life we look back in the rear view mirror and say to ourselves, “I wish I would have reacted this way or that” and had we not been caught up in the emotion of a decision we could have. Practicing a loving and compassionate sense of formlessness allows you to do that and keeps you out of those situations where you tell yourself you wish you would have had the clarity to react a certain way in a given situation. 
You have to be careful though to not confuse being detached (formless) with being disassociated. To be disassociated means there is no connection. It’s imperative to see the line that connects all of us to everything. They key is in the values we place in those connections.
For example: Lets say I have a horrible IRS Debt. I choose this because I have had one and I know first hand how stressful it can be. I can allow myself to get caught up in the drama of how I’m going to pay off the debt and what’s going to happen if I don’t do it or can’t do it and I can put myself through the emotional wringer. Or, I can take a deep breath, step back and realize that while I do have to make a decision and ultimately will have to pay this I also recognize that on my deathbed this issue will make very little difference to me so it doesn’t place very high in my value system. That allows me to allow a certain degree of emotional distance so that I can calm down and think rationally.