Tree / Plant Healing

Note: This is not my work. It is a reformatted OBOD tree planting ritual. Many sincere thanks to them for sharing their material to the public.

Ritual Type: Healing

Purpose: Tree/Plant healing

Approximate Length: 10 – 15 minutes

Deities Invoked: Source

Ritual Tools: None required, May use wand or staff of healing wood

Chant/Music: None required but may use any music or chant with a divine vibration

Oils/Herbs/Crystals: may use mistletoe, copal, holy water/oil, tobacco or other divinely oriented substance.

Misc. Materials: N/A


Ground and Center yourself, meditate on your own divinity and connection with Source (God).

Approach the tree from the Northeast, the Gate of Imbolc, which the Feast of Brighid, one of whose aspects is that of Healer. Circle the tree once, sunwise, saluting the East, and stop in the West, place of healing waters, facing East. At the base of the tree have some sage incense lit, and a bowl of water.

Raising your wand or staff, say:

O God, O Goddess, Spirit of this place and of this tree, give your blessing to this ritual.

Beginning in the West, cast a circle sunwise, returning to the West. Then turn and face East, and cross the circle to the East. Facing East, say

With the blessing of Nuinn, the Ash, I call upon the Powers of the East.

Then go to the South, and facing South, say

With the blessing of Luis, the Rowan, I call upon the Powers of the South.

The crossing the circle to the North, facing North, say

With the blessing of Duir, the Oak, I call upon the Powers of the North.

Then move to the West, and facing West, say

With the blessing of Saille, the Willow, I call upon the Powers of the West.

Turn inward facing the trees, and say

May there be peace in all the world, and may the harmony of this circle be complete.

In recognition of the Earth my mother and of the Sky my father, and of my true source beyond all things, I ask that this tree may be blessed with healing, to bring clear air to the blue sky, and rich soil to the dark earth. May it grow tall and strong – its roots reaching deep into its home, its leaves reaching ever higher towards the sun.

Hold your hands over the earth at the tree’s base and say:

I ask that this earth might be blessed, and that it might feed and nourish this tree well.

Take up the incense and walk once around the tree, sunwise, wafting the smoke towards the tree, and say

May you be cleansed of your illness/injury, and grow again fine and tall.

Then take up the bowl of water, and walk sunwise once around the tree, sprinkling the water on its roots and the base of its trunk, saying:

In earth and water will you grow. In the air will your leaves speak as you reach towards the fire of the sun. We respect and honour and admire you, O tree, and all trees, for you represent both Peace and Power – though you are mighty you hurt no creature. Though you sustain us with your breath, you will give up your life to house and warm and teach us. We give thanks for your blessing upon our lives and upon our lands. May you fare well in this chosen place. Awen. ” (intone Awen three times as Ah-OO-En.)

Lay both hands on the tree, and in silence offer to it the strength of your being. If you are a Reiki practitioner, use Reiki now.

After a time. step back into the circle, in the West, facing the tree. Say prayers, either silently or aloud, for all trees, for those who cultivate and care for them, and for those who work for nature conservation around the world.

Say or chant Treesong

I am the flower of a Tree waving gaily in a spring breeze
I am a watering brook
I am the Sun’s warming ray
I am the fall of a seed
I am the forest mulch
I am autumn rain, and winter snow
I am a snowdrop in the shadow of the tree
I am a green shoot
I am a young taproot
I am a sapling in the forest light
I am the turning of the years
I am a nesting bird
I am the protection of gnarled bark
I am a spreading canopy
I am sap rising
I am the flower of a Tree waving gaily in a spring breeze
I am the interdependence of all things
I am the Whole

From Song of the Oak
=| OakWyse, 1999

Give thanks to the Four Directions:

With the blessing of the Willow, I give thanks to the West.
With the blessing of the Oak, I give thanks to the North.
With the blessing of the Rowan, I give thanks to the South.
With the blessing of the Ash, I give thanks to the East..

May the harmony of the whole world be complete.

Using your wand or staff, unwind the circle, counter-sunwise

The ritual is done.



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