Holy Water/Oil Creation

Ritual Type: Blessing

Purpose: Create blessed water/oil for protection and potency. Measurements are for 1 quart of oil/water. Warning: oil/water is NOT ingestible after infusion!

Approximate Length: Setup – 10 minutes, Infusing – 3 days of sunshine

Phase of the Moon: Waxing or Full

Weather: Sunny

Location: Anywhere sunshine is available for infusing

Deities Invoked: Source/Divinity, Ancient Masters and spirits of light

Ritual Tools: N/A

Chant/Music: N/A

Oils/Herbs/Crystals: 1 quart mineral water or olive/corn oil, 1 oz. Mistletoe with or without berries. Mistletoe harvested from an oak tree during a full moon is ideal but any mistletoe will work. Please keep in mind that the berries are highly poisonous if ingested.

Misc. Materials: 1 clear quart glass bottle with cork stopper. A wine bottle works great for this. You can use non-glass materials but plastic isn't very earth friendly and may change the energy used. Absolute transparency in the container is essential. You will be infusing the tincture with mistletoe energy and sunlight energy.


You will be creating blessed water/oil to be used for protection, warding or other ritual use. This infusion will be charged with both sunlight and mistletoe, both are sacred to the druidic order. If you're more inclined to work with the more subtle powers of moonlight you can charge the mixture in moonlight instead but I do not recommend charging in both as the energies can serve to cancel each other out as they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Gather the materials together and call circle with a chant similar to the following: (always remember to speak with authority, respect and reverence for the spirits of light)

(say once) 
I speak as a Child of God and I
recognize my own Divinity. 

Spirits and Ascended masters working for the light in the North (East, South, West) hear my prayer. 
We thank you for helping us in the past and we thank you for helping us now. 
Come to us and be with us, 
Join our Circle, 
Lend us your love and your light, 
Make your presence known.

Our Father, 
The All-Father, 
Protector of All, 

Our Mother, 
The Great-Mother 
Giver of life, 

The One God of a thousand faces who travels with his children throughout time. 

The Great Source 

I call to you as a Child of God, 
recognizing my own Divinity. 
We thank you for helping us in the past and we thank you for helping us now. 
Come to us and be with us, 
Join our Circle, 
Show us the way. 
Lend us your divine sword and shield. 
Fill us with your divine light and love. 
Wrap your white cloak of light around us. 
Guard us from Evil and those that would seek to do us harm.

Now that circle is called ask for a blessing state the purpose of your circle and your intentions and the blessings of the spirits present.

(say once)
Spirts of light, you have been called here to ask for your light, energy and your blessing in creating a substance of light.

Put the mistletoe in the bottle, pour in the water/oil and stopper it tight while chanting the following 3 times. Imagine the energies of the spirits present infusing the mixture with their energies.

Grant us your blessing in creating this mixture and infuse it with your white light of love, protection and healing that it may be used in the service of the light and the Order. Please exclude any forces not working for the light where this sacred mix is used.

Now, thank the spirits for their aid and close circle with the following:

Our God, 
We thank you for honoring us at this circle and for all you have done and all you will do. 
Please accept our love and sincere gratitude. 
Dwell here and in our hearts forever. 

Spirits of the North (West, South, East, Above, Below, Within, Without) we thank you for honoring us at this circle and for all you have done and will do. 
Please accept or love and sincere gratitude.
Dwell here or continue on your journey as you will. 

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the All-father, the Great Mother and the one True God we pray. 


Now leave the mixture in direct sunlight for 3 days to charge it with the divine energy of the sun. You can also leave it in moonlight to absorb that energy but either do one or the other, not both as the energies of both tend to cancel each other out. If using moonlight try to time it so that the mix finishes it's last night of charging on a full moon. Never infuse on a waining moon! For additional potency you can infuse the mixture for 9 days (3×3=9) but no additional infusion is necessary after 9 days as that is generally the maximum potency.

Remember, the mixture is NOT ingestible but can be applied topically as long as there are no open wounds. Feel free to strain and dispense the mixture into separate containers if desired. I usually leave some mistletoe in each container for good measure.


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