What is God ?

This is one of the questions of the ages. There is not an absolute answer to this and if there is it’s totally relative to the individual answering the question. The answer is always going to be subjective to our own experiences as just about every spiritual question always is. Keep in mind that the only answer I can present here is the one formed from my own soul searching, research and experience. Before you can ask if there is a God you must first define what God is to you.

To me, God is the one spirit or consciousness that permeates all things and all times. As in the Christian bible, and many other faiths and philosophies, it is what is, what was and what will be. I believe it is the unification of both male and female, being neither specifically as there is no need for the one force to have a specific sexual designation. I generally refer to it as a “he” because my personal image of God is as a male structure modeled after myself, but in truth I think it’s probably closer to being a whole, devoid of splitting the creative energy into separate sexes. What would be the need in that other than to aid in our understanding and comprehension?

When I was just old enough to really begin inquiring about a higher power or “God” I was pointed in the direction of the nearest church, which happened to be a traditional Texas Southern Baptist congregation in my small east-Texas hometown. I attended services regularly for a time and even joined in with the choir a time or two. My days listening intently to the minister’s sermons were often filled with nights contemplating the messages presented on the last Sunday. Eventually I was baptized, mainly out of peer pressure, and tried to fit in with the rest of the group as best I could. However, there was a problem creeping into the back of my consciousness.

Some aspects of the modern Christian culture, as many modern religious cultures do (lets not pick on Christians) preached ideas like their religion or denomination was the only road to “salvation” and anyone who was not part of their faith that died would go to hell. Often, I the very next breath the minister would talk about his God being a loving and forging god of compassion. As you can imagine I began wondering about everyone else in the world that was not of this particular religion and had perhaps never even heard of Christianity. How would they fair in the afterlife? Surely a God of compassion would not sentence his children to perish out of pure ignorance. And, I do believe in a God of passion as I believe that God is not much unlike us. While we can be vile and cruel we also have a great capacity for love, mercy and forgiveness. I would think that a creature of divinity would be a bit more balanced and even handed than the wrathful, vengeful creature portrayed in some religious communities.

I began to search for an answer that would satisfy all the questions. If you have several religions and generally all recognize a form of higher power with one name or another who can say which is right and which is wrong. You can find good people and bad alike among all faiths of the world. Surely there must be some method or design to this madness. Slowly the idea that all religions and faiths of the world could be right crept into my mind. I began to wonder if there was not some great power out among the stars that simply toiled away and created us through it’s own influence and guided us all.

If that is so, how can you account for radical extremists religions and organizations that conquer and kill in the name of the Almighty? The answer to that question in my mind is that it is man who creates those demons and unleashes them upon the world. There is both good and bad in the world and if the negative forces get the reigns in hand then they can wreak havoc among us. That is not to say that all negative is of man and all good is of God, but