Conversation with a Pagan

(This is a transcript of a conversation I had with one of my fellow pagans. The irrelevant comments have been deleted. Only the parts with significance remain.)

There are two things in this world
The known and the unknown
The Doors lay between them

Druidism teaches that music and sound are sacred. They consist of vibrations. Both are simply frequencies.. The universe is based on vibrations and frequencies. By manipulating said frequencies you could theoretically alter reality. Celts also believed that the ultimate in the creation of sound was the human voice. Part of it is proven through physics. Objects of like construction resonate at the same frequency. For instance, if you strike a tuning fork then bring another tuning fork set to the same pitch into the vicinity it will start vibrating in harmony w/o being struck.

In the physical world, opposites attract. Thus the male and female relationship. In the spiritual world, like objects attract. Thus the natural human compulsion to seek out a mate of a like mind.

Sound and vibration can pierce the veil of the material and enter the spiritual. Aikido touches on this a great deal. In techniques like the spirit shout. (kia) you can either cause fear or sap the energy from an attacker with a mere shout. You must put enough spiritual energy behind it though… and have the ability to do so. I’ve seen it done many times.

The answers to life’s puzzles are out there, you just have to know how to listen to your heart and where to look.

The bible contains much wisdom but I believe it was written to teach the masses, as one large parable not to be taken as the letter of the law or quite so literally at times. The bible teaches that God is among us, he is within us. Is that not the same spirit the pagans connect with? The spirit of creation.

God and the Devil are nothing more than masks laid atop the one true being who is beyond human comprehension Just as the triple goddess and the green man are masks laid upon that same being. Think of it as two pairs of slightly different colored glasses looking at the same light.

The Celts also held a concept of one god of a thousand faces traveling with his people throughout time. God would manifest himself/herself in forms they could easily understand on a cultural level.

Religion is for controlling the masses, spirituality is for following the heart. Religion is like a multicolored lantern. Everybody is looking through a different colored lenses but it’s the same bright candle burning inside.

I think we’ll be judged on the contents of our hearts… a lot of “Christians” and “pagans” alike will be surprised who makes it to paradise.

Catholicism has more in common than they think with paganism as well. The Catholics changed the doctrine of their church to more closely resemble the pagan calendar when they were trying to convert the Celtic people to the Christian faith. They actually moved Christ’s birthday to Yule in an attempt to phase out the pagan holidays. The same was done with Easter as well. They adopted symbols like the Celtic wheel of elements that’s what’s known now as the Irish cross. (The cross with the circle) That’s actually a druidic symbol. The Easter bunny and Santa clause are both Celtic/pagan folk tales that have been woven into the fabric of Christianity in an attempt to stomp out the heritage of the pagan faiths.

The Catholic Church is a huge political machine built on gathering followers and resources to serve it’s own needs. They needed the Celtic people at the time so they adopted their symbols and what symbols they couldn’t adopt they declared as satanic. It’s funny that the image of the devil as a goat didn’t come about until the Christians invaded Celtic land and started the conversion.. Don’t you think?

You know the saying, “St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland”. The actual meaning behind that is that he drove all the pagans out of Ireland. He didn’t actually manage do to that but he was instrumental in converting the local pagan religion into Catholicism.