I will make it a point to post my theories and observations (and especially investigation reports) as they are developed. I am also affiliated with

I have also published a book called Help! I’m Haunted!: Dealing with Ghosts that’s available on Amazon Kindle or PDF download.

Recommended Sites for ghost hunting info:


  • Lone Star Spirits (I’ve seen a conference presentation from this group as well as spoken to a few of their members privately. They seem to be an incredible friendly bunch and are hands-down one of the most respected groups in my area. They’ve been featured several times on national television programs as well.)
  • GhostSafari.com prices for equipment. I’ve ordered from them myself. Great investigation reports with all types of media.)
  • The Shadowlands (I’m not thrilled with the site design but there’s an absolute wealth of information here. I especially appreciate the listing of haunted places and their statements on orbs.)
  • American Ghost (I have his video and his book. Both are GREAT! They take a serious scientific approach to their investigations. Just as it should be.)


  • Conjuring up Phillip: An adventure in Psychokinesis. (book)ISBN: 0-06-013279-5(Great book! A “must read” for any serious scientifically founded investigator. It centers around a study where a mythical ghost is created and then manifests itself psychokinetically from the sub-conscous of the participants of the experiment. It’s out of print so I had to obtain a copy via Interlibrary Loan. Check your local library for more information on this service. It’s usually free.) 
  • Basic Ghost Hunting (video)Video Hammer Productions – available from is an outstanding video for individuals interested in getting started in the ghost hunting field. It covers the basics of an investigation as well as the basic equipment most often used. It also incorporates several clips from actual investigations. The quality on the video isn’t that great because it was shot during an actual lecture but it’s well worth the money. I must stress however that there is NO THEORY on the origins of ghosts or hauntings discussed in this video. It’s simply a great “how to” guide for conducting investigations. The lecturer is also the founder of proprietor of )