Update June, 2014 – 

I’ve founded a podcast project in the same vein as Coast to Coast AM. It’s called Higher Consciousness Radio. We explore some very interesting topics such as holographic theory, shamanism, psychotrops, DMT, Ormus, Paranormal Ghost Hunting, Spirit Remediation, Psychics, Demons and exorcism, etc. (RSS Feed) (Itunes Link) (Twitter)

Update November 2011

My ebook, Help! I’m Haunted!: Dealing with Ghosts, is now on sale through Amazon Kindle and through PDF download for $2.99. Click Here for more information.

This site is dedicated to my research into that great beyond, those things, ideas & experiences that mystify man. My primary area of study is Celtic mysticism, earth based religions, and eastern concepts such as Zen and ki.

I strive to seek the one truth of mankind; to answer that nameless question. If the answers I uncover can bring one other soul one step closer to answering that question for themselves then this site has served it’s purpose.

The views expressed here are generally my own and I make no warranty to their absolute historical fact. Everything presented here was culled from my readings. Where possible I have made an effort to cite the book or resource from which I have obtained knowledge.

If you would like to contact me directly please feel more than free to do so. I welcome praise and criticism alike.

God/dess Bless
Love, Light & Laughter


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